Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our double stroller, crap in the pants and assumptions.

This might seem like the craziest post I have ever written but I am sure somewhere along the way, my point will get across.

When we lived in our house on Magnolia Lane, we didn't have an attached garage and that used to bug me. We had a very large beautiful building in our backyard but it wasn't finished so everything that went in there always had spiders and webs and dirt all over it. And when you have kids, you know that would drive you nuts too! Strollers, car seats, Christmas trees, toys etc... all covered and exposed to whatever wanted to crawl in there. So anything that we bought, had to fit in the trunk if it was something we needed to use everyday.

For a long time I had wanted a double stroller. We tried so many of them out but since we had a newborn and an older child none of the smaller ones seemed to work. The only one that I ever wanted (and the only one that would work for us) was the big dog, baby trend navigator. I googled that thing for months and asked all of my friends who have them if they fit in their car. Alot of people said the negative part about the stroller is that its so big it doesn't fit in some places (cars, hallways etc..) So then we moved to Texas and I loooove walking and I wanted to be able to take both kids with me so I just bought it. Meanwhile, we have gone to Sea World, the park about once a week and countless other places that we could have used that thing. But I never put it in my car.

I assumed it wouldn't fit.

Welp, just now as I am getting ready to pack up the car for fireworks tonight....I decided to try to get that thing in the trunk.

It fit like nobody's business.

So I just took a minute to step back and think about it. I actually had some tears over this, I know I am so super emotional. I am just still thinking about all of the other things in my life that could have been, if I had just tried. It took me 2 years to "try" to fit that stroller in my trunk because I just assumed it wouldn't fit. How many other opportunities have I missed in 30 years...because I assume.

I guess God uses small,everyday things to show us the big things. I dont guess, I know! He will use anything that will trigger something in us.  He can use anything. I have had so many revelations in my life that happened this way, I just cant believe it.

My husband and I were also watching the olympic trials today and I tried my hardest to convince him that some people are just destined to be runners. Some people just have certain body types to achieve specific things. I also tried to convince him that people in the military are born with just a little bit more courage...

Well he assured me that he has seen men who boasted about their courage the most crap themselves when an IED goes off, and the most timid, do some pretty crazy stuff when a marine was in need...

He also assured me that I assume too much.

And just as we were watching the tall, long legged runners whiz by in the 800...I caught a glimpse of a short, stocky runner in the middle.

Crap. I hate when he proves me wrong.

But his point is...if you are born a certain way and that way makes it more challenging for you in whatever you are trying to achieve, you just have to work harder.

What a wise little smarty pants.

God promised me today that I can do anything, if He says I can. Too often I just look to my finite power in this world and wonder what a small me in this huge world can do...but God assured me today...

I can do all things, through Him.

All because of my monster double stroller.

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