Saturday, July 14, 2012

He says its okay ;)

Last night I went to be with the intention of spending my Saturday morning alone. in the car. maybe some drive through Starbucks. and a much needed haircut. Not a Fantastic Sam's kind of hair cut but a real big girl salon. I haven't had a hair cut since before Christmas last year and decided today was the day. I don't ever actually do anything like that. The last pedicure I had was for my sisters wedding a few months ago and before that...years.

But I woke up with a really really sore throat.

And my corpsman husband went and got his "tools" and investigated. Didn't look good. So I traded my morning for a trip to the urgent care. I still don't have a doctor here so I went to the place I found about 2 months ago when I had the exact same thing. This sore throat, cough, runny nose stuff is not leaving us alone. All of us.

So I got there and saw this place. Instantly, I knew why I was sick.

So he could lead me here.

Sometimes I just wrestle around with ideas, over think, over analyze, over research, ask too many questions...and God is just telling me, HERE! Just do it! Here it is! Stop thinking about it! Its okay...

Its okay ;)

Its a indoor swim and tumble place. Grace has been begging to learn to swim and do anything that involves other kids. I bought her a pair of goggles for a buck at the dollar store for no reason one day and she has been obsessed with them ever since. She talks about a swim class and I don't even think she even knows what that is.  On a side note, I am just so interested in what this kid is going to do in her life. Both of them, Grace and Lucy are such lovers. Lucy especially at only a year is always hugging and patting our backs. If someone is crying, she immediately reacts. But Grace...she just is so concerned with every ones welfare. Its such a blessing to me.

So I am signing her up even though I say we cant afford it. I am praying and staying in faith that we will be provided for in this area. There is just too much good that can come of this for her. And we are just so excited! I am all together too serious sometimes when it comes to making moves in my life. I forget that God delights in seeing us grow and experience things. He wants to see us overjoyed and enjoying the very things he has blessed us with. I just need to let go way more and let him just take delight in my baby girl learning to swim. Take delight in watching her learn to walk on the balance beam. I just sometimes forget to lighten up.

I am also planning on doing alot more in depth writing. God has just been really telling me lately that there is so much He wants me to share about my story. My history with depression and anxiety...My struggle with weight and food addiction...the ways I have experienced healing. All of it.

Put down the art, and share.

 Prayers for healing in this snotty nosed, coughing sore throat house are appreciated.

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