Saturday, September 1, 2012

To Justin from HEB.... ;)

Justin, we met tonight in the isle of all that expensive cheese and meat...
we talked about the two most important things to both of us,
me...I told you about God
and you, you told me about music.
Except, I didnt really tell you about God.
I told you that I once WAS you...
living the life for the here and now.
I told you that there once was a time that I smoked as much as you...
even more.
but that doesn't decide my eternity.
In fact, Im 100% positive that it doesn't.
And its funny how the two of us met.
And I do miss cigarettes sometimes...
But I don't miss what they represented.
Addiction, dependence, instant pleasure...
I traded THAT in for freedom.
And that's what the cross represents.
THATS Jesus.
We talked about music and how we both love it. Feel lost without it.
But I really wish I would have talked more about Jesus, and how I am lost without him.
Oh Justin,
I just sometimes struggle with the "how tos" of sharing my Jesus, I always leave these short encounters feeling like there are 100 million other things I could have said than what I did say...
So I will say it now, if your listening.
Crazy if you are here because I gave you my card.
I told you to check out my art, you said you would.
So if I could go back about an hour, I would tell you that God IS real and according to you, if you died today, you wouldnt know your status.
Well you say it would just be over, and your cool with that...
But what if that wasnt it?
My soul aches for you Justin because you are so young and so sweet and full of passion...
and there is so much life ahead of you.
You are so young...
I have 10 years on you my friend and in that ten years, alot has happened.
But what I wanted to tell you about standing there laughing at the icky pork was that its not about what God does for me, its what Jesus did.
On the cross.
And I am praying for you that you hear about it more, and you recieve it.
Because you dont have to quit smoking, to meet Jesus.
You dont have to do anything.
I am just as much of a sinner as you my friend.
And as far as living your life for the here and now...
been there, done that.
I could sit here and tell you about all the times in my life God put his very hand on me and healed and restored me, forgave me and loved me...
even when I didnt love him.
And I could tell you that my life has greater meaning now that I know Jesus,
but again, its not about that.
Its about the cross.
Justin, my friend...
if you died today,
where would you go?
I asked you that in not so many ways,
and your cool with your answer.
But Im not,
and Hes not.
But he still loves you...
Thanks for the chat tonight.
I will always remember Justin in the expensive chesse and meat section.

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