Friday, September 28, 2012

an open house, for gracie

Grace, last night was your open house at school. There are so many things that just make my heart melt when I see you doing your thing there. This is the first place I let you go. The first place where I let you fly. It took me almost 4 years but I'm so glad I did it. You love it. If you and I have struggled to connect over the years, I am now understanding why. You are just a social butterfly. And while I am too...I don't always have to be around people like you do. In fact, that's one of the big reasons I love staying home with you and Lucy and being a work at home mama, because its our space. But you my love, need to be out in the world and encouraging others, feeding off of others and just playing. I want to make sure you and I always remember these days, these first days of freedom for you. There are some details you will be glad to remember when you are a mama yourself...
Daddy and Lucy stayed home, we are all not feeling well. It was just you and me. I was so honored to be asked to donate a piece of art and so proud of us seeing my art hanging up there...our new business cards fresh on the counter and a very grateful heart pumping in me. I always want you to remember...
you never eat your lunch.
you love the playground the most.
this is the place you learned to pray.
your letters and numbers looked great kiddo ;)
your feelings get hurt very easy.
you never want to come home.
every single time i pick you up its a battle to try to get you to forget the big bucket of lolli pops in Mrs. Loneanne's office.
i wish we had a little potty, like your class has.
when you first started there last year you used to cry when i picked you up because you never wanted to come home, but now that you know you will go back, you greet me with the biggest smile and greatest hugs.
every other day your best friend changes.
you love to sing at chapel, even though i don't think its your thang, singing. and that teaches me alot.

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