Monday, September 17, 2012

my sweet angel she knows how to pray

I knew yesterday was going to be different...
The clouds were dark and the air was heavy, and something was different. It was a dark rainy day, I had a smile on my face but I didn't know why. I awoke with expectation...Pastor asked if anyone had woken up and wanted to pull the covers over their faces and be lulled back to sleep, he did.
But i didn't.
The drop offs were quick and we sat in our spot. We sang and we worshiped, each in our own ways...I sang wherever you lead me, I will follow you...with every breath I take, I will worship you. I wanted to spend the entire service on the floor, arms stretched out, not able to get any lower. So low that I could feel the cold floor and feel the gentle vibrations of the voices of worship around me. I wanted to cry tears of release and joy and expectation. I wanted him to know that I see him, I hear him and I know he is working...

There was a call and one soul was saved. I felt you squeeze my hand and I knew you prayed that again. We all did. I knew that it was the day for you. There have been many days like that for me, I cant even count. But I could see the angels and I could feel their rejoicing.

This was the day when she learned to pray.

First it was at the kitchen table, so proud of herself...daddy, i know how to pray!

I will always remember that day.

 I turned out the lights and gave her a kiss and told her to have sweet dreams. You need your sleep so that you can be ready for school my love...I walked out the door and heard such a sweet little voice. I stopped to hear what you had to say, Dear Jesus, thank you for this day...thank you for always being my best friend, and taking away all my boo boos. Amen.

I turned back around with tears in my eyes and my heart so full if it was to be my last day on earth, I would know you would be ok, and she would be ok.

 My sweet angel, she knows how to pray.

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