Thursday, December 15, 2011

Super Mom vs. Abiding Mom

 I struggle with guilt. I never feel as if I am good enough for my children. Some days we don't make it out of our pajamas and my husband has to stop for dinner. Some days we don't even make it outside. Some days I have to pray for extra patience with my children and some grace for myself. I feel as if we don't do enough sometimes. We don't go to the park enough and sometimes the tv is on too long. Sometimes we leave the house in a rush with no breakfast. And sometimes I feel as if I am failing as a mother.

I came upon this and started to really think about what God was trying to tell me. My life is not normal. I have a husband who is always training for a war, fighting a war or training for the next duty station. We don't have a consistent life. We are constantly moving and making new friends and learning the ins and outs of new towns. Sometimes it feels as if we have no stability. I have had surgeries and recovered from them by myself. I have had a baby without my husband. The things I have had to face have been so challenging that sometimes my best doesn't seem good enough to me, but it is to God. I forget that God never intended me to journey through life alone. He never intended for me to feel guilty for not being a good mother. Because no trips to the park or toys we have or food we eat will compare to the heart I have for my children. My desire for them to grow up bearing the fruits of the spirit far surpass my ability to clean or have a perfect house. A perfect spotless home will not stand up to my desire for them to know who they are in Christ. And what I make for dinner will never compare to feeding them the word of God which will sustain them for a lifetime.

I hope you are as blessed by this today as I have been. Read it often. Print it out. Put it on your fridge. And every time you feel discouraged just remember you are an abiding mom.

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