Friday, December 9, 2011


For those of you out there who know her, you know that she is
very smart and socially a little awkward.

We were at Walmart today and just like any other day she has
to say hello to EVERYONE. When I say everyone I mean it. Today, a good 90% said
hello back. Must be the holidays. But there are times when nobody says hi back.
Nobody looks at her. Nobody acknowledges her greetings. In fact my husband and I
have witnessed grown adults look at her funny and look away. This used to be a
little embarrassing for me, I will admit. Because not only does she just say
hello but she says it like you are the only person on the earth. She is always
smiling and happy and waving and sometimes she will add it the occasional "how
are you today?".Honestly my heart aches for her. I want to cry. How could people just disregard my baby like that? How could you not say hello to my little blond hair, blue eyed bubbly
innocent child? But today, it was different.

Our shopping led us to the back of the store to pick up some photos. We were in a very long line and behind us was a mentally challenged young lady. Probably 25 or 30. She was awkward and
sometimes it is just awkward for everyone because nobody knows how to act. I
never really know what I can and can not say or do. But all my fears just left
my body when Grace said hello. She calmed my spirit. She just showed love. There
was no hesitation. It was just love.

Today I saw my baby girl in such a different light. I saw a girl who had God living inside of her. I saw a girl who loved even if she wasn't loved back. And every time she said hello to someone and they didn't answer, she never hesitated to try again. I could tell her heart was broken but it didn't
stop her.

Sometimes she tries to pat people on the head or if she sees
someone crying she asks if she can kiss make them feel better. And
sometimes people get angry. And she asks me why. I have just begun to tell her
that some people don't like to be touched or hold hands or have hugs. But don't
stop trying because all those things are good. When you see someone crying you
should always offer to give them a hug. I just don't know how else to explain
this to my 3 year old but it almost seems as if she explains it to me.

When I look at her sometimes I can almost see Jesus himself.
And I hope, I pray that she never looses this.

God has given us all some special qualities. The ability to
love, the ability to relate, the ability to comfort. Some of us are creators,
and some are responders. I am convinced that some people are born with the God
given ability to just lift people up. Today I made a promise to myself that
whenever we are in the heat of a tantrum or she is just acting out that I always
remember that God trusted me with this amazing soul. And He created her to be
very sensitive and emotional so that she could see when people are in need. So I
will be a little less of me and more like her.

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