Monday, December 3, 2012

sidewalk chalk art

every once in a while I need to remind myself to just let go and have fun.
I am so overwhelmed with the fact that my 4 year old has a matter of months
at home with me until she will enter school full time.
I just am not ready to let her go, and I don't think my
job is done yet here. I don't want to regret this time that is such a
gift to me. Some days this responsibility is just so heavy on my heart in
such a good way...
I am anxious for the new season in our life, but right now I
will do the best I can to enjoy and live in this moment.
I think the best way for us as parents to give our kids the gift of joy is to be joyful ourselves...
so I think its a good idea to do things I enjoy too.
Today we made some street art.
And we are full of chalk and memories...
I love watching and stirring creative minds.
I had fun today, Grace.
And Lucy, thanks for drawing all over my art. ;)

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