Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My 30th birthday!!!!

I had an AMAZING birthday! I felt so loved by all my family and friends. I started out the day with a precious gift from my husband and pancakes with my girls. Then some ladies from church came over for pizza. There were 7 kiddos here, all girls ;) I can tell you that yellow paint and carpet was envolved.

I got some boxes in the mail from my mom and opened all my birthday cards. And my girls were so tired from their friends over that they napped. I just sort of sat here and thought about the last 30 years. And then I thought about then next...

The day ended with a teary phone call from my dad and a great dinner at our favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. My husband still doesnt understand why they call it "Texas" Roadhouse in Texas. What a joker.

I was thinking about the parties my mom used to throw me when I was a kid. She always made the day feel so special. She would make posters and put them on the front door with balloons so everyone driving by would know it was my day. And she would always fill huge real flower pots full of dirt cake and worms and deliver it to my class..it happened every year and I looked forward to it. She just made me feel special. I guess thats why I do it for my family now.

The funniest part of yesterday was talking to her on her way downtown Chicago. She said she was taking the train downtown and riding her bike along the water and going to the beach. She said she was doing something for her to celebrate my day. At first I thought she was joking but I guess after 30 years of having babies, you kinda need to celebrate being a mom. My birthday is actually her day too. Its her day, its my dads day and its Gods day. I am just what happened on that day. They are all the ones who have kept me alive for 30 years!

I think Im gonna go get a mani pedi on Grace's birthday.

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