Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fathers Day

We had such a wonderful day celebrating fatherhood around here... Something about my father that I will always carry with me is his desire to see people succeed. My dad never says no to people in need. I feel bad for him sometimes because he is pretty much the only one with the financial means to help but he NEVER SAYS NO. I am sure that he feels so blessed when he sees the seeds that he sows blossom.

For many months he helped my husband and I when we were struggling. He has bought me many cars and many computers and many printers...he bought me my elliptical when I couldn't exercise outside because of my skin disease. He understands the concept of giving people what they need even though they don't deserve it, to get them to the next level.

Laptops, computers, cameras, my eliptical, cars, airfare, groceries...

The list goes on and on and on, but what I am grateful for is him believing in me. Providing for me what I could not provide for myself. My relationship with my dad reminds me alot of my relationship with my heavenly Father. Hes just always got my back. He lets me make mistakes and picks me up when I fall. He gives me much Grace for the times when I am learning and figuring out what direction to go.

God is always wanting to bless us, always wanting to advance us, always wanting to see is to victory!

 Thanks dad for being a great father here on earth...I hope you know how much I value your love and generosity.

We celebrated my husband too ;) It would be the one and only day I will allow my husband and daughter to eat donuts for breakfast. Grace was so excited to buy her daddy a donut at the store. Along with her 7.99 princess record a message fathers day card. Yes I said 7.99. But the kid was so excited to give her daddy this card, I just couldn't break her heart. And what a blast we had doing take after take after take recording her message... not really.

We went to church, ate lunch, came home and cleaned the garage. Not a typical way to celebrate him but recently we found a scorpion in our house so we needed to clean things out and spray. 

Here is the video clip that we watched at the end of service. Our pastor gave every single man a bullet for fathers day, to symbolize being "ready for battle."

Try to watch this clip from the movie, Courageous, without getting teary.I was sobbing. My husband calls it "turning on the water works." The lights come back on and he looks over at me with this little smile on his face. I hope one day he will just understand that I cry because I am so full I just need to let it out!  I guess because I have felt so much love from my dad, and my husband...and my Heavenly Father, I just am so grateful and so full. Full of excitement and joy when people meet Jesus at the Cross and decide to live for Him. I am just blessed beyond anything you could ever imagine watching people stand up for Christ.

What an incredibly challenging and important job fathers have. Its a good thing they have the most high leading them, guiding them, protecting them...into victory.

It was a good day ;)

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