Friday, October 26, 2012

the farm

We went to the farm.
I had the flu, it was hot...
and it was worth it.
I will never forget that giggle Lucy had when she
felt the cold lick of the goat on her tiny hand...
And I will never forget the joy in Grace's heart
when she got to ride the pony.
And I will never forget the cry Lucy let out when
she had to get off her first pony ride...
Lucy ate a goat pellet and I panicked and grabbed it
out of her mouth with the hand that the goat just ate from...
I will never forget the embarrassed look on my husbands face
while I was trying to explain this to the farm lady.
Just stop he said.
I cant, I am a mom.
So we are on day number 2 and no signs of ecoli yet...
grandma said to worry if she grew a goatee.
We will carve 4 pumpkins and
roast the seeds...
and I will remember all the joy our girls had.
 And the tiny baby goat...
oh Lord


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  1. And thanking God EVERY minute that this year our family is ALL together! Your husband is home and you can enjoy every little minute of these little adventures TOGETHER! This is where the awesome mystery and amazing-ness of life resides! Luv your blog babes! :)


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