Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melissa Lyons Art wants to support the Red Cross

the details

Each flag costs $40 dollars + $10 to ship.

I will donate my time and supplies as well however I will withhold tax and shop fees so your total donation will be $30!!!

The flags that are eligible are marked in my shop as "Proceeds go to Red Cross" in the title of the listing. They are made on 11 x 14 canvas, some gallery wrapped with a thicker edge and some have the staples on the back and a smaller profile edge, this would make them look great framed. But there is no need to frame any of them, they are all painted on the sides. Each will also come with a saw tooth hanger on top, ready to hang up!

They are each made with vintage looking paper and a mixture of acrylic paint and love...

They look great on the wall, in a gallery setting with other art or on a shelf just by itself...

I sometimes sit here and wonder what 10 bucks here and there could do...sometimes I only have 5 to spare...but I do have art to sell, so thats what I will do. And I am convinced that if we all used what God has given us, our talents and our voices and passions, we could make a difference.

Purchase a flag today and let it be a reminder to YOU that you have something special inside YOU to make a difference.

God Bless America, and God Bless YOU!

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